Spectrum Storage User Group

Join us for the biggest storage user group event in the Nordics on Nov 28-29th.

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The Agenda

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Interviews with speakers from the latest User Group

Short Interviews with some of the speakers before the event

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Introduction and Contact Information

The Swedish Spectrum User Group has over 300 members and meets twice a year at an event in which more than 150 members and Business Partners participate.

These conference sessions have gained global attention, including key development participation, and are targeted for Clients of IBM products, IBM business partners, and IBM sales team members.

Not only do the sessions address customer challenges and help drive offering management decisions; they also expose the latest research results to discuss industry trends in detail, including interaction and networking between peers in Backup and Recovery Software and Storage Engineering disciplines.

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact Roger Eriksson, r_eriksson@se.ibm.com